CiaoAmerica! Profiles Washington, D.C. Area Artist Sofia Caligiuri "Balancing cultures is an art that is worth mastering."

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‎"Massimi Rilievi" at The Bing Stanford in Washington Art Gallery and THIS for Diplomats present "Festival des Artistes, Diplomacy through Art"
January 25, 2011

Washington D.C.  Marninart Gallery   - November 2010  www.marninart.net/sofiacaligiuri.html

Washington D.C.  Marninart Gallery   - September 2004  www.marninart.net

 San Giovanni in Fiore, Cosenza, Italy  - August 2004

 Private collections, Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C. - Since December 2001

Woman’s National Democratic Club, Washington D.C. - May 2003

 Corcoran “Archives” Washington D.C. - Spring 2000

 Museum of the Women in the Arts, “Archives”Washington D.C. - Winter 1999

 Galleria Spazio Italia, P street Georgetown , Washington D.C. - May 1999

 Gallery of Americas, White Flint Mall, Bethesda, MD - December 1995

 “International Women’s Month” at the  World Bank, Washington D.C. - June 1994

 “Reflecting Women” at 1145 Showcase Gallery, Washington D.C. - May 19

 “Mencion de Honor” at the Spanish Center of Washington D.C. - November 1990

 4th annual exhibition, the Village House, Montgomery Village, MD - December 1989

 5th annual exhibition, Gaithersburg City Hall, Gaitersburg, MD - October 1989

 Carrol County Farm Museum, MD“Archives”  - September 1989

 Gallery Lareuse, Georgetown, Washington D.C.  -  January 1989

 Regione Calabria and Comune di Catanzaro, Catanzaro ,Italy  - July 1988

 Galleria Il Tripode, Crotone, Italy - May 1985

 Private collection  Rossellini at  Studio Gaumont, Paris, France  - April 1983

Public Lectures:

 “ L’ Italiano come seconda Lingua per Bambini”  Italian Cultural Society. - 1999

 “Art of Etching”at the Sons of Italy, Lodge of Washington D.C. - 1995

 Fellowships, Prices and awards:

 Prize “Heritage Calabria”. - 2004

 “Mencion de Onor” Concurso de Pintura, Spanish Center of Washington D.C. - 1993

 Guest Artist at the Smithsonian Etching Laboratory, Washington D.C. - 1988

 Academy of Fine Arts fellowship. - 1975-1979 


Artistic Tour Guide at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception ,    

Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. - 2002-2004