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        From Sofia's book: " The Fief, A story of love and other virtues " 


....Her mind started its voyage rolling along smooth pebbles and through the warm sand.  Cleaving the rhythmic little waves,the pure essence of the artist's mind left the coast, immersing itself in the deepest blue of the sea.  It saw octopus and jelly fish dancing to a silent music, and sharks projecting pale shadows on the filtering light.  It joined a school of fish whose shiny direction changed as quickly and as often as sharp swords' blades in a furious battle.  The reflections of the moon touched the waves lapping on the beach; it entered the cave, finding a body with non consciousness.  The artist's mind needed to travel fast to find a reason to return to the body in the cave.  But wherever it looked, there did not seem to be a reason strong enough to convince it to remain so confined.  It finally jumped from a spray of water and foam  and left the sea flying high in the dark sky spotted with stars.  The mind, pondering gravely, asked itself  "Could it be possible that the magnificent sight of the dazzling stars in the sky  might convince that poor body to stay alive?"  It may be possible if Eugenia's eyes could see again.  The dark cloak of the night sky and the deep blue dress of the sea joined forces.  In a whirl of wind , seawater and foam, the mind reached the cave in the rock and inundated it with health-infusing iodine, algae and salt.
Hours later, when the sky was still greenish from its embrace with the sea, a large seagull landed at the entrance of the cave.  Flapping its long wings, it removed the algea from Eugenia's body.  She slowly opened her eyes and for the first time in days she could see again.


                                  Manifesto per il film di Franco Brusati "Il buon soldato" Oil on Canvas 1980

Copertina per il libro di Francesco Caligiuri "Traiettorie, Tragitti, Viaggi.  Olio su tela, 1985

                                 Una Donna


                                 Ana Caliyuri

Una donna


il suo azzurro




la mollezza



E` specchio.

ll corpo

come cicala

sul canto

del giorno

e` il canto

del corpo.


Traduzione dallo spagnolo di Raffaele Caligiuri

Per gentile concessione dell'autrice e del traduttore