Maria Sofia Caligiuri is my full name. I sign my paintings as P. Caligiuri in memory of my father Luigi who used to call me Pitia, and sign my books as Sofia Caligiuri, because that is how my friends call me.



"Rincorrendo la luce che lasciavo dietro il cammino

dimenticai i percorsi quotidiani,

Perdendomi nello splendore dei miei passi

si scolorirono le mie ombre,

Il paesaggio di oggi non e` piu` familiare

ed il momento che vivo si dilata nell'assoluto.

Se non ci fossi

la mia consapevolezza sarebbe inutile."



Sofia Caligiuri

            Maria Sofia Caligiuri

 In her work Sofia Caligiuri offers us a diverse set of images linked by their consistent attention to the mystery and charisma of human presence.  Caligiuri achieves her unique effects by establishing in her writing a subtle dialectic between movement and stillness, extroversion and introspection.
Whether predominantly playful or somber in tone, Caligiuri's images remind us of the ineffable complexity that surrounds our encounters with our fellow human beings. 


                                                                                                                                 Dr.  Anthony P. Russel
                                                                                                                             University of Richmond

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Rilievi: Traces and Evidences Online Catalogue

Massimi Rilievi
Minimi Rilievi
P. Caligiuri oil painting
Still Life